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    In The Kitchen With Alex Proba

    ITKW Alex Proba Hero

    Join us as we sit down with Alex Proba, the creative mind and visionary behind @alexproba. With a keen eye for design and color play, Alex teaches us how to bring small, tangible moments of happiness into otherwise utilitarian spaces.

    Alex Proba is the Founder of StudioProba & ProbaHome—the transformative art studio and interior collection known for unexpected, eye-popping arrangements of color and form. From multi-texture rugs to asymmetric tables to bespoke refrigerator doors, Alex’s creations spark a fresh context for the everyday. We asked her about bringing new dimensionality to the home, and artistically stacking her Caraway pots and pans.

    ITKW Alex Proba image 1

    Alex! Tell us a little more about StudioProba and ProbaHome. We feel like we’ve entered a whole new dimension and don’t want to leave.

    I founded Studio Proba in 2013, and built it out as a multidisciplinary design studio focused on graphic, environmental, and furniture design as well as artwork. I work with layers of geometry, shape, and color to push and pull in the optically nervy and always seductive and alluring patterning of my compositions.

    ProbaHome transforms my signature visual language into a cast of vibrant, textural objects to live with. From tactile, richly patterned rugs and pillows to curvaceous, deeply saturated chairs and tables, each piece begins as one of my geometric abstractions.

    Are there foundational shapes that guide your installations and creations? (We keep seeing shapes that we’re respectful calling “double berry” and “three-claw prong” which we know are not real things).

    There are some that keep creeping in my work as signature moments—those are the ones that come deep from my core and are rooted in past memories from the life before, the time that shaped me and my voice.

    Are there any artists who inspire your work? If so, who?

    Sometimes all I need is a phone call with my grandmother to get my creative flow going. There is no process, I am a maker at heart, and when I create I’m extremely happy. I try to create every single day, even if it’s only sketches of my ideas, at least it’s something.

    You’ve designed pools, walls, refrigerators, surfboards, and made installations all over the world. With all that success, what do you feel is missing from your portfolio that you’d love to tackle? What’s still on your dream list?

    My bucket list is very long actually but a little ProbaWonderland would be amazing where people could enter a world entirely created by me. From the door handles to the pavers to the furniture to the plants.

    If someone is looking to invest in only one element of their kitchen, what do you recommend they focus on?

    To build a clean blank canvas for art and kitchen supplies to live on.

    We absolutely love your Samsung Bespoke refrigerator. What design tips would you give to someone looking to complement a special item like that in their kitchen? What else should they think about?

    I think the appliances space is an area of much importance in every household, but it's often overlooked design wise. I am a fan of simple and minimal design that still has all its functionality but looks good in a space! I think the Samsung Bespoke fridge, similar to Caraway, is an example of taking boring utilitarian pieces and making them beautiful—an unexpected moment of happiness.

    What color Caraway set do you own and why?

    I chose the Perracotta set as it is a warm and human color that compliments my darker kitchen, dark blank canvas, and adds life to it.

    How does your Caraway set complement your aesthetic?

    I just love a pop of color anywhere and mostly in the most unexpected places. That’s why I love to fill pools with art work or make a fridge as a moment of art and surprise... Caraway is the same for me—a much needed moment of joy in an unexpected place.

    Outside of design, what are some of your creative outlets?

    Trail runs with my dog Sam—or anything Sam really :)

    We love the energy of your shape candles. In that spirit, do you ever get creative with how you artistically stack your Caraway pots and pans?

    Oh Yes! See photo here: ITKW Alex Proba Sculpture

    Tour The Kitchen

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    • ITKW Alex Proba Slider 4

    • ITKW Alex Proba Slider 5

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    Rapid Fire

    • The best thing you’ll find in my kitchen is… Fake food
    • My favorite room in my house is… The roof
    • Go-to drink while cooking? Sparkling Water
    • My favorite meal to come home to is… Lasagna made by my grandmother
    • If I could redesign anything in the world it would be… Definitely a bridge
    • When I’m in need of inspiration, I… Call my grandmother
    • The most ambitious thing I’ve ever made in the kitchen is… Polish potato dumplings (Kluski)
    • Three spices to always have on-hand in the kitchen: Oregano, Saffron, and Chili!
    • My favorite color pairing right now is… Favorites do not exist in my world :)
    • Caraway — cabinets or countertops? Countertops!
    • People need more___in their lives? (Rescue) Pets

    For more design inspo head to @alexproba and shop our Perracotta Cookware and Bakeware today!

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